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Domain Options

New Registration: If you need a new domain registered for your account, we can do that for you, or you can register it elsewhere if you choose. New domain registrations, and renewals through us are currently only $16.00/year.

If you want us to register the domain for you, please know that we will register it in your name. If you should ever decide to move from our hosting, you will be able to take your domain with you.

Before ordering a new domain, please use our domain name lookup to make sure the one you want is available.

Domain Transfer: If you already have a domain, you can still transfer the hosting of your site to us. To make the transfer, all you will need to do is go to where the domain was registered and change the "nameservers" or "host" information to:

Sub-Domain: The third domain option for hosting with us is the sub-domain. By using a sub-domain, you could avoid the expense of your own domain and only the hosting fees would apply. A subdomain would look like:

You could have your choice of either root domain, and would replace what ever you choose to replace the bold "you" above.

If you have any questions about domain registrations or transfers, please contact us.


New Registrations
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