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Customer Support

Our goal at SonServers is to support your hosting needs with the best service possible. When you need help or have a question, please use the tools below to contact us.

  • Support Site Our new help desk is located on a separate domain. Please note that all support issues are now handled through our sonservers.INFO domain. If you have not done so, please create a help desk account before submitting a new ticket. This is your primary method to receive support on any issue. Using the Support Site helps us keep issues organized and provide you with the best service.
  • E-mail: As a secondary method, you can email us at As stated above, the most reliable support will come from use of the Support Site, and we prefer that you use that method if you want the fastest, most reliable service possible.
  • Telephone: You can call us toll free at  308-872-9640 when you need answers to a yes/no question. Quite frequently, we will not be able to answer your question over the phone due to a need to troubleshoot or investigate your problem. For this reason again, the Support  Site is the best choice.
  • Instant Messaging: When we are logged in, you can contact us at various I.M. services. If you do not see us logged in, it does not mean that we are not available. Again, open a new ticket in the Help Desk for the best service.
    ICQ: 134006410
    AIM: SonSrvrsSupport
     Yahoo: SonServers
  • Help Files: We have some existing help files that cover some of the most basic and frequently asked questions.


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